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We have come to know EPS (aka foam) as the most versatile raw material in the world. It can be sliced, diced, carved and shaved to make stunning designs in any size or shape imaginable.

foamland visuals, themes & decorations was born out of a simple idea that if you can imagine it, we can create it. Literally.

Our offerings are multi-faceted and just versatile as foam itself. Visit our PROFESSIONALS page if you're looking for a special and unique design for your next project. And if you're an arts & crafts lover, our STORE is destined to be your go to place for one of a kind activities with the little ones. We also create specialty holiday decorations that will literally shatter camera lenses and create a stir on your social media account.

We hope you enjoy your stay in foamland.

For special request inquiries, please email us here.

Our Products

Looking for some quick and easy decorations for your next special event? Or fun & creative shapes for arts & crafts sessions? Take a look at some of our pre-cut designs, ready to ship and ready to paint and decorate!


Do you work in set production? Are you an event planner? Visual merchandiser? Or maybe you're an all around awesome designer?

Exclusive designs are our specialty and we love making fun and creative designs that will make jaws drop!

Talk to us about your next project and MAKE IT POP!


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